Hi, I'm Emma Follender, a creative developer based in Seattle.

She was a Neopets girl. She is an experimental developer who loves a challenge.

After working for three years as a self-taught developer, her insatiable curiosity led her away from New York and landed her at a coding bootcamp in Austin, Texas.

There she built a full-stack foundation, but found that her passion lied solidly in building engaging UX. She is happiest when working closely with designers to create the unexpected.

She thrives on the pace of agencies and has worked at both Brooklyn Digital Foundry in New York and Instrument in Portland, OR.

She is currently building UI experiences as a Sr. Developer at Microsoft in Seattle.

When not writing code, she skis and bikes up mountains, and occassionally writes words.

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* As most recent work is under NDA, it is not available on Github.